2021 Flower Share

Store Flowers 2021 Flower Share

New in 2021! We will offer CSA customers the option to purchase a weekly flower share. When you come to pick up your CSA box, you will choose your favorite bucket of flowers. You will need to manually add flowers onto your CSA share each week by visiting this website. Availability may shift each week, depending up the upcoming harvest.

Available from the week of 2021-05-30 and until 2021-09-19

One bucket $20.00  Qty: Price:
Delivery frequency
: Single Delivery

We will grow up to 20 different types of flowers over the course of the season, with the goal of offering our customers a nice variety. AFLO's Farm Manager, together with Growers' input, will determine the number of stems and varieties that go into each bouquet every week. Each bouquet will vary in color. We will leave the flower arranging to you, once you get home!

We operate on the honors system. Please take a bouquet only if you have paid for your flowers in advance on this website.

    While AFLO is not certified "organic", we do not use chemicals to grow our produce or manage pests and weeds.